Office of University Relations

Standard Print Nameplate Versions

We have horizontal (H) and vertical (V) versions of each logo in the nameplate family. This combination has proven extremely versatile for our designers.

Purple and Gold Nameplates

Purple & Gold NameplateBecause of the gold color variation, each logo that includes gold appears in three versions:

  • One for coated papers (PMS 124 series)
  • One for uncoated papers (PMS 7406 series)
  • One for four-color-process projects using a CMYK build (123 series).

Purple Nameplate

Purple Nameplates

These marks always used PMS 2617, regardless of the type of paper.





Black Nameplate

Black Nameplates

These are designated with "BW" in the file name.


None of these marks may be altered in any way, with the exception of making them bigger or smaller, and then the horizontal and vertical proportions must be changed in the same percentage.

Please send at least one sample of printed documents using any of these marks to
University Relations
126 E Bartlett
campus mail code 0392

All letterhead, business cards and envelopes must be produced by UNI’s Print Services, according to established guidelines.

If you have questions or special needs, contact the UR office at 273-2761.