How to get started

  1. Make a list of all the items in your unit that will need to be created or updated. Think about things like digital assets, print collateral, promotional materials and signage.
  2. Be sure what you are communicating is on brand and reflects the spirit of unrealized potential. UNI’s key messages are an important, yet often overlooked, foundation to your branded materials. Before immediately rushing to visual enhancements, make sure your words are accurately reflecting the spirit of achievement.
  3. The responsibility of brand protection falls on all of us who express it. Brand guidelines have been created for each element of the university’s brand but will only work if those guidelines are respected and embraced.

Assets that should reflect the new brand.

  • Digital Assets: Email signatures, online applications, PDFs, mobile apps, photos of people wearing the UNI logo or featuring branded signage, electronic documents.
  • Print Materials: Brochures, fliers, posters, business cards, stationary, pamphlets and printed forms.
  • Signage: Retractable banners, staked signs, flags, plaques, window clings, vinyl signs and other banners.
  • Promotional Items: Tablecloths, tents, backdrops, t-shirts, floor mats and giveaways.