Uniting around common storytelling themes helps our audiences paint a more consistent picture about UNI and strengthens their perceptions. We have identified a key messaging theme and four supporting themes that will help us better tell the story of UNI.

Seek out stories tied to these themes and be intentional in lifting them up. Or, consider how you can tie in one or more of these messages to an existing story idea.

University of Northern Iowa challenges you to achieve beyond.

This external representation of our brand purpose binds all messaging going forward. It speaks to the impact of a University of Northern Iowa education, yet reflects a spirit that embraces all, from students to faculty and staff, to alumni, donors and friends. 

What does achieve beyond mean? It will be as individual as our students and as diverse as our colleges, programs and services.

University of Northern Iowa teacher education student in front of classroom

How will you achieve beyond?

At UNI, we challenge you to achieve beyond. 
Exactly what that means is part of the discovery. 
Beyond imagination. Beyond expectation. Beyond your wildest dreams. 

UNI is your beginning, whether you’re first-generation, from a small town, big city or somewhere in between. When you step on our campus stretching from College Hill to the UNI-Dome, a world of wonder awaits. 

With people whose driving passion is your success. 
Ready to help you shatter barriers. Create bold new ideas. Discover what matters. 

Achieve beyond. 

  • Academics: University of Northern Iowa professors design learning experiences to give each student’s career the edge it deserves.
  • Community: University of Northern Iowa is dedicated to creating a sense of community and belonging. 
  • Professional Success: University of Northern Iowa graduates are instrumental in shaping the organizations they serve.
  • Personal Growth: University of Northern Iowa transforms students through opportunities of personal growth and discovery.