Unique graphics, illustrations and type treatments are can be used to creatively and effectively communicate events and special initiatives on campus. All unique graphics should complement the parent UNI brand and borrow from the university-approved color palette and font library.

Below are some guidelines to follow when creating unique graphics.

Unique graphic dos and donts


  • Leverage Panther Purple and Goldenrod and incorporate secondary colors from the approved branding color palette
  • Use official typefaces for all visual communication in headlines and body copy. 
  • If you are not an experienced graphic designer, utilize Design Tools & Templates before creating artwork from scratch.


  • Don’t include any trademarked university logo or logo elements into unique graphics.
  • Don’t use “UNI” when naming campus events and activities. Do not use “UNI” when creating graphics and/or in headlines. This avoids redundancy in the branded house and eliminates the urge to use UNI in a different typeface.
  • Don’t treat unique graphics for campus events and initiatives as independent brands/logos.
  • Don’t use a unique graphic to represent an academic or administrative unit as a replacement for the unit lockup.