Office of University Relations

UNI Visual Identity Package Guidelines

Letterhead, envelope and business card production

All letterhead, business cards and envelopes are produced under contract by the University of Iowa Printing and Mailing Services. Currently, letterhead and business cards are printed on Lynx Opaque recycled white uncoated stock. This recycled paper provides a brilliant white, good laser printer performance and an economical price. University Relations and U of I Print Services have combined their efforts to offer the campus an attractive two-color letterhead, business card and envelope package at competitive prices. These efforts include choosing a white paper stock, as well as grouping print jobs and pre-printing where possible. At the same time, one-color options for letterhead and envelopes will be offered for offices anticipating large mailings, or for those who simply wish to shave off a few more dollars.


Written correspondence comprises a major component of the university communication effort. As such, it is important that letters from individual entities at UNI reflect a coordinated, professional and efficient university community. In turn, the sum of the university's communications activities provides a broad foundation of reinforcement for individual efforts. In conjunction with the implementation of a new nameplate, University Relations has produced a letterhead design that enhances the identity of colleges and programs in an attractive and consistent manner. Specifically, the departmental name appears in a fashion that is considerably more visible and more closely connected to the nameplate than in previous iterations of the letterhead. As noted, purple-and-gold letterhead will be produced at an economical price, as will a one-color option, in purple.

Please do not attempt to recreate letterhead by importing university nameplate graphics into a word processing or pagination software document.


The standard #10 envelope accompanying letterhead features a design that is clean, attractive and consistent with the overall graphic identity package, while also conforming to postal regulations, which require that an area 2-3/4" from the bottom of the envelope be clear of text and numeric material that will interfere with post office automation. A one-color option (purple) is available.

Business cards

An attractive, effective business card is like a good, firm handshake. The card designed by University Relations offers a professional, two-color design at a reasonable price, while also allowing room for the variety of fax, e-mail, phone, www and other means through which you may be reached. While it is technically feasible to squeeze even more information and logos on a business card, we believe we have offered a design that features a premium balance between functional and informational. A one-color business card is not offered, because the economy-of-scale factors present in large orders of letterhead and envelopes do not pertain to business card production. University of Iowa Printing and Mailing Services, in consultation with University Relations, can print additional information on the back of your business card, though loss of production economies will make this option more costly.

Affiliate logos

University Relations and the University Cabinet recognize and appreciate that UNI has many important partnerships with other government agencies and private corporations. University Relations staff can help incorporate the logos of granting agencies and individual UNI programs into a host of marketing materials, such as brochures, fliers and booklets. However, in the interest of maximizing the integrated marketing effort for all university entities, and to ensure the integrity of the visual identity program, affiliate/program logos will not be placed on letterhead or envelopes or on the front of business cards. As above, additional information and artwork can be included on the backs of business cards, at additional cost.