Use of the University of Northern Iowa’s logos and other trademarks in conjunction with a student organization name or logo implies that there is an association with the University. Therefore, only those student organizations and student groups that are officially recognized by a UNI department and/or Northern Iowa Student Government are permitted to use University of Northern Iowa trademarks in conjunction with their name.

Branded House Student Organizations

Registered student organizations and/or university-affiliated groups whose main purpose is to advance the mission of the institution and whose main audience is prospective students, incoming students or new students must lock up under the institutional logo.


Branded House Student Organizations include:

  • Student Admission Ambassadors (SAA)
  • Ethnic Student Promoters (ESP)
  • International Student Promoters (ISP)
  • Social and Behavioral Representatives (SABRS)
  • Business Student Ambassadors (BSA)
  • College of Education Student Ambassadors (CESA)
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL)

If your student organization is in the Branded House, please reach out to University Relations for your logo.

Unique Student Organizations

Registered student organizations and/or university-affiliated groups who do not meet the Branded House Student Organization criteria can create their own logo but must abide by the following guidelines.

  1. They may not include or incorporate trademarks licensed by the University of Northern Iowa, including the “UNI” monogram, University of Northern Iowa academic logo, University Seal logo or UNI Athletics logo into their unique logo without prior approval from University Relations.
  2. They should use their organization logo alongside the university logo on promotional items but only according to the external co-branding standards detailed on
  3. When space is severely restricted — e.g. printing on a pen — it is acceptable to typeset “University of Northern Iowa™” in Arial or Proxima Nova below the logo. The University of Northern Iowa reference should be typeset in title case, and should never be placed above the organization’s logo. 
  4. Organizations that are closely aligned to academic departments or areas of study must identify as a student or campus organization by including, “Association,” “Club,” “Student Chapter”, “Student Council”, “Student Organization” or other wording to reflect the relationship to the university. University Relations will reach out to existing student organizations directly if a name modification needs to be made.
  5. Unique logos may include any symbol that identifies with their parent organization (ie: Greek letters, seal, or existing logo) as long as they meet any standards outlined by the parent organization.
  6. Unique logos may not use generic monograms, panther heads or any other graphic that may be similar to an existing logo without permission from the Office of University Relations.