Visual Identity

Each moment spent with UNI is an opportunity to experience our brand. Whether it’s attending a game, visiting campus, or taking a class, the UNI brand can be felt, seen and heard in all that we do. These branded moments are deepened when they are experienced through a consistent brand environment, one that is cohesive and true to UNI’s visual expression.

From logos to colors to fonts, each component within the UNI branding system builds upon our visual identity to form a cohesive visual experience. Here you can learn more about using visual elements of the UNI brand to support and amplify our brand message, goals and vision by expressing your unique program through the lens of the UNI visual system.

How to visually apply the brand

A primary principle in design is that you can’t emphasize everything. In order for some elements to be emphasized, other elements must take the back seat. This is why “make the logo bigger” is poor graphic design direction. Simply, making the logo bigger will force the headline and call to action to be smaller, which may not meet the goals of your advertising or communications.

To create visual hierarchy you must consider the following:


The most important position when reading left to right is the upper left quadrant. The next most important is the lower right quadrant. Then upper right and least is lower left.


The most important information is the largest element in the design. Lesser information should be scaled down.


The difference between light and dark colors will advance the elements that are primary.


Elements that are aligned differently from the majority of the piece will stand out visually.