Photography serves an important role in the UNI brand by helping our audiences connect with our work in concrete ways. Through photography, viewers can discover the beauty of our campus, become inspired by a glimpse of our learning experiences, or connect eye-to-eye with a professor who exudes welcome and support. It’s no surprise that our photography should also support our brand messaging through emotionally engaging, active images that capture the spirit of UNI.

Choose photos that fall into one of three categories: people, engaged moments, and community/environments.



Time and again, we are told it is the people of UNI that make this place special. Our student-centric experience means it’s important for our audiences to connect with the faculty, students and staff at UNI. The photos we take should tell a story about the person or people in front of the lens. Shots should be balanced and intimate, featuring eye contact, subtle connectivity, and an upward, lifted feeling. Each subject is highlighted through a dynamic lens that’s as unique as each of them.


Photography example - people
UNI Photography - people

Engaged Moments

There is never a shortage of engaging moments at UNI. These images feature people in the environments in which they live, work and play.  Subjects should be active yet casual, confident in an authentic, organic way that captures the hands-on experiences at UNI.


UNI Photography example - community
UNI Photography example - community

Community and Environments

Home. The UNI campus is where journeys begin, and discoveries are made. It's where we form connections that last a lifetime, but it’s also everywhere our alumni and friends carry the UNI spirit. Our campus holds a special place in our hearts, and we highlight it through simple, yet inspiring shots that evoke emotion, feature the spirit and energy of UNI, and capture the culture of our campus.


UNI Photography example - campus
UNI Photography example - campus



Photography Tips

All Photography Should Attempt to Feature or Emphasize the Following:  


  • Dynamic range of colors  

  • Simplicity/elegance of composition  

  • Well-framed subjects  

  • Unexpected camera angles  

  • Natural-looking light (strobes and hot lights can be used to supplement available light, but should be modified to appear natural and appropriate to the scene) 

  • Shots exposed/lit for primary subject  

  • Compelling depth of field  

  • Tone and feel reflect brand pillars/messaging/statements  

  • Action and/or people-oriented to visualize our student and people-first narrative  


To Keep a Clean and Consistent Look Throughout all Applications, Please Ensure that your Photography Selects are Not:  


  • Blurry (either in-camera or overly-compressed/pixelated)  

  • Poorly-lit (too dark/underexposed or harshly lit)  

  • Telling a story outside of the subjects shown  

  • Confusing, featuring a number of subjects or subject matter, busy  

  • Blending foreground and background subjects  

  • Flat, distant, unengaged subject  

  • Clearly staged  

  • Over-processed, “Instagram filter” look -- photos should be graded but retain a natural, realistic look  


UNI Commencement

UNI Photoshelter

To provide convenient access to professional UNI photography, the university has partnered with Photoshelter, a digital asset management system. Faculty and staff can access the full catalog through CatID login, while external users have access to a more limited, cultivated selection of photos in a public gallery.

For more detailed information about how to use Photoshelter, please see this resource guide.